April 20, 2015

Greetings! I'm John Jensen.
17 years ago, I uncovered my past as a survivor of childhood sexual assault. When it became clear to me what happened, my first response was, "Oh, THAT's why my life is so screwed up!" I came to know that sexual abuse propagates generationally in families, and I decided right then and there that The Buck Stops Here. I have been committed ever since to restoring my vibrant, thriving life in every way possible. I've desired to take these skills and create a business to serve a wider community for close to a decade.

Fast forwarding to today:  I've amassed a considerable skill set, knowledge, wisdom, and experience working on myself and my friends, to a considerably positive effect. Everyone I've worked with has achieved substantially positive, life-affirming results.  It's time for this conversation to come out of the closet.

My service guides people who’ve experienced childhood sexual trauma into their own aligned experience of personal sovereignty.
— John Jensen

My problem right now is that I've run out of money.

I'm very close to launching my practice, which in the past has been more of a dream than a reality.  For the first time ever, I have a viable business model and a compelling marketing message (neither of which are fully implemented on this or any other website). I have equipment. I have a few things left to take care of: opening an office; making sure regulatory issues are in order; putting the final touches on my marketing message; and covering costs for more business training. And I have to eat and pay rent until my business generates income. I have to move (not optional), which also means I need to come up with first, last & deposit for a new place, plus first, last & deposit for an office space.

I'm so close to making this a success! I have some advertising lined up and I'm scheduled to be on a radio show in early June (details coming when finalized). In the past I've funded this venture with savings generated from 14 years of jobs in the technology industry; I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in training and equipment. I could get another tech job, but they usually want you to stick around for 2+ years, and that would mean delaying my full availability to serve my community.  I require some means of closing the gap between now and June. My family is helping out as they can; it's not enough. You have an opportunity right now to vote with your dollar and lend your voice: Vote Yes, Now is the time to bring peace to other's lives: donate $1 today and post this page on your social media.

You have an opportunity right now to vote with your dollar and lend your voice: Vote Yes, Now is the time to bring peace to other’s lives: donate $1 today and post this page on your social media.
— John Jensen

I thought of running a RocketHub campaign, and I still may do that. This is a test. If this goes well, a RocketHub campaign may come next. If this goes really well, it may not be necessary. For now, I require raising about $2700+ before May 1, and at least another 2500 by May 14 to cover the deposit on a fantastic yearlong business training and more living expenses. I'd still require another 1000-ish or so by June 1 assuming I don't haven't taken non-refundable deposits from new clients by then. After that, I should be able to take clients. If there's any leftover funds I'd be happy to use them for either outreach programs or donated to another relevant charity. 

Because I'm not a registered non-profit, these donations are not tax deductible. And I will have to pay taxes on them. This is my life's work and it is a fabulous investment. I invite you to donate $1 and post this page in your social media (links below). Join my email list if you'd like to keep in touch. I'll post updates in the coming days, so you can keep track of progress.  Even if you choose other than to donate, you can help a lot by making this go viral: many hands make light work. In all cases, I wish you a thriving life!